Vertical Glass Systems

Functional and aesthetic solutions to opening outdoor spaces

New functional and aesthetic solutions

to opening outdoor spaces

From our range of glass roof awnings Sydney, our magnificent Retractable Vertical Glass systems reflect unique functional and aesthetically pleasant alternatives to opening up and complementing big outdoor spaces. Vertical Guillotine Glass systems from Designer Shade Solutions are renowned for offering a clear, unobstructed view outward in all outdoor environments.

If you want to remove framing and enjoy your panoramic views with systems that drop out of view, leaving you with an unimpeded view, our Retractable Vertical Glass systems from our glass roof awnings Sydney collection are the right option.

Experience a new era in window solutions; vertical glass solutions generate dramatic broad window openings and represent new functional and aesthetic alternatives for expanding outdoor areas.

Another way to get the most out of your Vertical Glass systems is to span up to 5.5m x 5m apertures to create stunning, luxury open windows that are visually appealing.

For maximum efficiency and year-round outdoor dining, gathering, and living situations, our retractable roofing experts recommend combining vertical and horizontal glass systems.

Whether you want to combine vertical guillotine glass systems with a bifold and sliding system to offer quick entry and exit points for optimal space functionality, or just want your Retractable Vertical Glass system to be a freestanding structure, our louvered roof specialists in Sydney can assist you.

Vertical Guillotine Glass Screens

Vertical Guillotine Glass Standard

Experience the new age of window solutions

Vertical Guillotine Glass XL

Premium Vertical Glass Systems Create Dramatic wide window openings

Vertical Guillotine Glass Frameless

A Dynamic Retractable Roof System with Climate Control

Retractable Glass Windows and Doors

The perfect combination of function and aesthetics

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