Tilting Louvre Roof System Awning

Innovative, modern and functional outdoor patio solution

Tilting Louvred Roof System Awning
Tilting Louvred Roof System Awning

The tilting bioclimatic pergola system is a modern option that adds value to outdoor living areas; it brightens the appeal of a home, restaurant, hotel, or cafe by combining luxury with ultimate functionality. The system is intended to protect outdoor terraces from changing weather conditions and to enable outstanding living flexibility with open air living while maintaining a high level of visual appeal and thermal comfort.

Tilting Louvre Systems are one of the most attractive design aesthetics and functionality for outdoor living. When paired with side screens and heaters, outdoor spaces suited for year-round dining for residences, restaurants, cafes, and hotels can be created.

The most common return on investment for retractable roof systems in the hospitality business is an increase in the number of guests and diners. Customers know they will be in great comfort every time they arrive, therefore they often become a key business attraction.


Tilting Louvred Roof System Awning

  • The tilting mechanism allows for excellent airflow, allowing heat to escape in hot weather while swiftly closing if rain or wind occurs. When the entire area is enclosed for all-year comfort, insulation provides an added benefit.

  • The systems can be used on their own, with their own support structure, or they can be incorporated into a variety of imaginative architectural ideas, whether the goal is to achieve a heritage or contemporary look.

  • They provide far more stability and thermal insulation than standard awnings.

  • The devices are controlled by the most up-to-date radio-controlled technology and may be programmed to react to the sun, rain, and wind.

  • The 180mm x 40mm louvres are composed of a unique aluminium alloy that offers great strength. They provide a flat, smooth ceiling and drain rainwater into a discreet gutter that is totally closed.

  • The 160×160 mm post used in the system provides a high level of wind resistance as well as a large span between support columns. This pergola is a sustainable option for terraces, patios, balconies, pool houses, hot tubs, and outdoor kitchens because it can be installed as a free-standing structure. Several modules can be linked together to create a larger patio roof, and many modules can be connected lengthwise to build an even larger patio roof.

  • The system can be customized with LED lighting, warmth, and large motorized vertical sliding glass windows or doors in any RAL colour.

Tilting Louvred Roof System Awning


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