Retractable Roofs in Whale Beach

Custom made retractable awnings for your property.




Are you looking for a retractable roof in Whale Beach? Designer Shade Solutions will assist you in determining the ideal retractable roof for your building! We’ll work with you and your design team to come up with the perfect individualized shade solution for your home or company. To learn more about our retractable roof choices and price range, contact our team today.

Among our range of retractable roofs in Sydney, we offer Tilting Louvre Roof Systems, Retractable Fabric Roof System Awnings, Retractable Fabric Awnings, Retractable Glass Roof Systems, External Retractable Blinds, Vertical Glass Systems. These are new, sophisticated, and effective structures that will improve the appearance of your property while also providing a weather-resistant shelter that can be used all year. Our retractable roofs can be installed as a standalone structure or as an extension of your existing space.

To protect vast areas from evolving weather conditions, several systems may be integrated. Designer Shade Solutions’ retractable roofs are ideal for providing shade on terraces, patios, balconies, gardens, and other outdoor spaces. With our retractable awnings, you and your guests will enjoy the comfort of an enclosed space while taking in the panoramic views of the outdoors. We installed the retractable fabric roof systems at the Lost in Brixton Cafe in London, and we’ve created retractable roof systems for global businesses and individuals to make the most of their indoor/outdoor spaces.

Our retractable roofing solutions can be fully customized to meet the needs and specifications of our customers. Client solutions include, but are not limited to, lighting, ventilation, and retractable glass windows, among other specifications we are happy to provide. We also offer outdoor heating solutions for your structure. Please contact us today to discuss our luxurious range of retractable roofs in Sydney suitable for your project.