Retractable roofs in Cromer

Bespoke awnings and retractable roofs.




Need a retractable roof in Cromer? Designer Shade Solutions is a shade solution provider that offers a variety of deluxe shading solutions for residential and commercial properties that can be tailored to suit any area. Our retractable roof experts will work with you and your design team to meticulously build the right bespoke shade solution to fit your home or commercial space perfectly, based on years of experience and successful projects. For more information on our retractable roofs in Sydney, please contact our team. 

In terms of function and design, our retractable roofs are fully customizable. These combine elegance and comfort with versatility, making them appropriate for any outdoor environment, including terraces, patios, gardens, balconies, and more. This can also be constructed as an extension to your existing property or as a stand-alone building in your backyard.  

For larger areas, our shading systems can be combined indefinitely side by side. What distinguishes our retractable roofs is that they have the convenience of being indoors while feeling like you’re outside, with the added benefits of heating, LED lighting, and tilting glass windows and doors.  

The retractable roof systems with vertical glass systems at the Dusk Restaurant in Brentwood are the epitome of the ultimate indoor/outdoor escape, with two completely retractable fabric roof systems and six sets of our vertical glass systems in a dark metal finish to create a versatile outdoor room 12m wide and 7.5m long. The Systems have integrated lighting and dimmer controls, allowing Dusk to customize the atmosphere for their dining areas. 

Designer Shade Solutions’ ingenious retractable roofs are ideal for maximizing your outdoor space; when it’s raining, the roof can be closed, and when it’s warm, the roof can be easily opened. Please contact our team for more details on our retractable roofs in Sydney.