Retractable Glass Structures

Maximum Exposure, clear vision, the ultimate luxury retractable Solution

Maximum Exposure, clear vision

the ultimate luxury retractable Solution

Our variety of glass roof awnings in Sydney gives our clients the ultimate and effortless moving solution for transitioning from open-air dining and entertainment to cosy areas that take advantage of their panoramic views. These stylish and functional structures are among the retractable roof Sydney solutions offered by Designer Shade Solutions.

Our glass roof awnings in Sydney provide our clients with the ideal moveable solution for shifting from open air dining and socialising to comfortable rooms that take advantage of their spectacular views. Designer Shade Solutions provides retractable roof Sydney solutions such as these stylish and functional Retractable Glass Roof Structures.

Designer Shade Solutions’ Retractable Glass Structures can be built as an extension to your existing property, as a stand-alone structure, or our louvered roof experts in Sydney can collaborate with you and your design team to incorporate the systems into your project.

We have over 20 years of expertise in creating fashionable shading solutions for residential and commercial properties that may be tailored to your specific design and function needs. Depending on your budget or heat and installation requirements, you can choose between single glazed, double glazed glass, or polycarbonate for your Retractable Glass Structure.

Our luxurious glass roof awnings in Sydney provide maximum exposure, a spectacular view, and the ultimate luxury retractable choice for your business or residential property. We specialise in shading solutions that can be tailored to fit any environment. Allow guests to enjoy the scenery and the stars in an all-weather setting behind a stunning glass structure.

Retractable Glass Structures Clear Sky

Retractable Glass Skylights – Clear Sky

The ultimate outdoor roof for all year round use for your outdoor area

Retractable Glass Structures – Solaglide Glass

The most spectacular glass skylight system for all year round use

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