Retractable Glass Structures - Free Standing

The ultimate outdoor complete glass retractable pergola structure for all year round use

Retractable Glass Skylights Free Standing
Retractable Glass Skylights Free Standing

For all-year use in your outdoor space, the ideal retractable glass pergola structure. Benefit from the best of both worlds. When the sun shines, take advantage of it, and when the weather changes, quickly move to full coverage.


Retractable Glass Skylights – Free Standing

  • Restaurants, bars, and cafes should make sure their covers and book functions are secure.

  • Allow clients to enjoy the scenery and the stars in a stunning glass building that is open to the elements. Create a buzzworthy eating experience that will go viral on the internet and social media. Customers at Spaces light roof top bar can enjoy panoramic views.

  • For a top hotel, an indoor-outdoor pool may be the difference between four and five stars. Allow guests to enjoy summer activities during the warm months or relax by the pool during the colder months.

  • Our free-standing structures are completely self-supporting and run on their own easy glide track system, allowing the building to be simply moved out or away as the weather changes.

Retractable Glass Skylights Free Standing


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