Retractable Glass Roof Clear Sky

Maximum Exposure, clear vision, the ultimate luxury retractable Solution

Maximum exposure, clear vision

the ultimate luxury retractable solution

Among our broad range of retractable roofs in Sydney is our retractable glass roofing solutions. The Retractable Glass Roof Sky Clear Sky structure is the optimal solution for our clients who want to migrate from open air dining and socialising to comfortable areas that take advantage of their panoramic views.

Our team of louvered roof specialists in Sydney can provide stand-alone structures or can readily collaborate with you and your design team to integrate the systems into your project. Single glazed, double glazed glass, or polycarbonate options are available for a Retractable Glass Roof Clear Sky project, depending on your particular budget or heat and installation requirements.

Designer Shade Solutions’ Retractable Glass Roof Clear Sky system is the best glass retractable pergola solution for all-year use in your outdoor space. Take advantage of the best of both worlds; when the sun is shining, enjoy it, and then immediately switch to full coverage when the temperature drops. Our retractable glass structures are attached to the side of your building and run on their own easy-gliding track system, allowing the system to be rapidly rolled out or away as the weather changes.

Designer Shade Solutions has a solid reputation for supplying its clients with world-class, magnificent retractable roofs in Sydney; our extensive range of glass roof awnings in Sydney provides maximum exposure, amazing panoramas, and is the ultimate luxury retractable solution for your Sydney business or residential establishment. These designs are cutting-edge, contemporary, and efficient structures that will elevate the look of your property while also providing year-round weather protection.

Retractable Glass Skylights Free Standing

Retractable Glass Structures – Free Standing

The ultimate outdoor complete glass retractable pergola structure

Retractable Glass Structures – Lean-To

The ultimate outdoor extension for all year round use

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