Retractable Fabric Roof System - Nova

A touch in luxury combined with the ultimate functionality

External Outdoor Retractable Louvre Systems Motorised Outdoor Dining
External Outdoor Retractable Louvre Systems Motorised Outdoor Dining

The Designer Shade Solutions Pure Retractable Fabric Roof Awning Systems, which are self-supported up to seven metres, allow for huge open spans of waterproof coverage with minimal structure. Create stunning outdoor environments with our system, which can project up to 7m and connect systems indefinitely side by side.

The Nova System’s most basic installation necessitates sturdy buildings and a 7m standard projection. To control water flow, connect it to simple post and gutter systems with integrated downpipes and drainage.


Retractable Fabric Roof System – Nova

  • The retractable fabric bioclimatic pergola system is a modern option that adds value to outdoor living areas; it adds a touch of luxury to the design of a home, restaurant, hotel, or cafe while also providing optimum practicality.

  • The system is intended to protect outdoor terraces from changing weather conditions and to enable outstanding living flexibility with open-air living while maintaining a high level of visual appeal and thermal comfort.

  • Retractable Fabric Systems are one of the most aesthetically pleasing and functional designs for outdoor living.

  • When paired with side screens and heaters, an outdoor room suited for year-round dining can be created for homeowners as well as businesses, cafes, and hotels.

  • In the hotel industry, retractable roof solutions often pay for themselves through an increase in the number of guests and diners. Clients know they will be fully comfy anytime they arrive, so they frequently become a major corporate draw.

  • Combine our retractable blind systems or retractable glass systems for enclosed all-year protection.

External Outdoor Retractable Louvre Systems Motorised Outdoor Dining


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