Outdoor Parasol Umbrellas

The premium parasol brands for quality and design and innovation

The premium parasol brands

for quality, design and innovation

Designer Shade Solutions provides premium brand Outdoor Parasol Umbrellas for quality, design, and innovation, as well as weather protection. Designer Shade Solutions’ parasol series is an excellent alternative to our retractable roofs Sydney if you require a shading solution that can be put and withdrawn at your leisure.

Our Outdoor Parasol Umbrellas are designed with stability, beauty, and function in mind, and will complement the ambience of any commercial restaurant, café, or hotel, as well as the discerning homeowner, while also giving protection from bad weather and shade from searing heat.

Our parasol series is designed with stability, beauty, and function in mind, and is suitable for both commercial restaurants, cafés, and hotels, as well as the discerning homeowner. Our Wind Rated series provides additional security for exposed sites and public places and is linked to fully engineered ground fixes and footings. The Heavy Duty PVC Fabric is easy to clean and contributes to a high level of wind protection.

Designer Shade Solutions’ wind and weatherproof parasols can also be outfitted with lighting and heaters to provide outdoor comfort during the cooler months while also extending the summers outdoors. Our premium parasol umbrellas are available in the most recent outdoor colours to complement the surroundings of your organisation. Designer Shade Solutions also provides the option of having company graphics and logos printed on the Outdoor Parasol Umbrellas for a more personal, professional look.

Our louvred roof professionals in Sydney can safely and smoothly integrate all ground fixing, footings, and sleeves required to accommodate the parasols and allow for easy removal and storage for events or winter, so you will never have to worry about any manual hard work for installation of our outdoor parasols.

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Parasols / Light Duty Umbrellas

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Wind Rated Umbrellas

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