Glass Winter Garden Structures

Light in the summer, warmth in the winter, light all year round

Light in the summer

Warmth in the winter

Wintergarden is a modern glass and aluminium system among our glass roof awnings Sydney that adds light and space to your property. It can be used to build a new room or to expand an existing one. Because of its excellent thermal efficiency, you can utilise your living space all year, and the use of sliding doors or vertical windows brings you closer to nature.

Our luxury Glass Winter Garden Structures offer our clients light in the summer, warmth in the winter, and exceptional protection from adverse weather all year round, making it one of our best shade choices for your residential garden area from our variety of glass roof awnings Sydney.

The Designer Shade Solutions Wintergarden has great thermal efficiency and low U-values, allowing it to be utilised all year and become a part of your regular living area even in the coldest of conditions.

In hot weather, bifolding or sliding doors allow you to open up your area while keeping it cool. For your convenience, these efficient, luxury systems include various ventilation and shade systems, including powered and climate-controlled alternatives.

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Glass Winter Garden Structures

A contemporary glass and aluminium system which brings light and extra space into your home

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