External Screen Blinds

Optimal heat protection and unsurpassed light control

Control Heat and Light

With a Range of External Screen Blinds

Our grand, highly efficient External Screen Blinds, which automatically allow you to adjust the heat and light that is exposed to your house, are included in our selection of retractable roofs Sydney. All year long, our External Blind systems provide superior heat protection and light management.

They are an ideal shading solution for domestic or commercial environments since the system allows natural light and sunlight to brighten up your residential or commercial area while minimising uncomfortable and damaging greenhouse effects; our External Screen Blinds combine elegance with dependability, ensuring that your space is constantly shielded from damage while still being complemented with a stylish appearance.

External Blind Systems from Designer Shade Solutions are highly efficient, sleek, and minimalist; these systems integrate into your building design to prevent heat from entering through any glass. Our External Screen Blinds have been shown to be more than three times more effective than normal interior blinds, as our external blind systems help to regulate the room’s ambient temperature even without the need and additional expense of air conditioning.

Designer Shade Solutions’ External Screen Blinds, which are unaffected by significant temperature changes, substantially restrict the sun’s penetration onto your property by up to 90% while also producing remarkable air conditioning cost efficiencies. These systems incorporate automated wind, sun, and rain detecting building controls to automatically adjust and retract blinds as needed. UV resistant components included with our external blind systems help enhance product life in exposed areas, guaranteeing that your External Screen Blinds last a lifetime without ever needing to be replaced.

Whether you are an architect looking for a solution to help an office building achieve high social and environmental ratings, or an individual concerned about your own needs in the house, Designer Shade Solutions’ External Blind systems and vast choice of other retractable roofs Sydney will never disappoint.

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Basic Façade Roller Blind

Control Heat and Light with our Range of External façade Screens

Cassette External Blind with Guide Cables

Providing optimal heat protection and unsurpassed light control

Cassette External Blind with Aluminium Guides

Perfect for domestic or commercial environments

Cassette External Blind with Zip Guides

Perfect for domestic or commercial environments

Tensioned Blind Systems

More than three times more effective than internal blinds

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