Custom Tension Fabric Structures

Innovative, modern and functional outdoor patio solution

An innovative, modern and functional

outdoor patio solution

Custom Tension Fabric Structures offer excellent fixed shade solutions due to their flexibility, naturally bright light space due to their translucency, high resilience and longevity, and vast spans of column-free space due to their light weight, which necessitates the use of less structural steel.

Designer Shade Solutions has an unlimited selection of big-scale tension projects, ranging from big-scale structures like stadiums and arenas to smaller size structures like canopies and awnings. Our best-selling Retractable Pergola Sun Sails, Waterproof Tensile Membrane Structures, and Four Pole Structure Retractable Rolling Sails are among our Custom Tension Fabric Structures, providing you with elegance combined with functionality and, most importantly, safe sun protection.

Designer Shade Solutions’ Custom Tension Fabric Structures will transform your garden, patio, or courtyard into a shady retreat. Whether fixed or moveable, permanently installed or temporarily erected and uninstalled – many models allow you to design creatively. You can also customise the pattern and colour to your liking.

Design your favourite space just how you want it, modern, elegant, and light, thanks to our louvered roof specialists in Sydney who can safely and seamlessly integrate all ground fixing, footings, and sleeves needed to fit the Custom Tension Fabric Structures and allow easy removal and storage for events or winter, so you will never have to worry about any manual hard work for installation of our Custom Tension Fabric Structures.

Retractable Motorised Roof Pergola Awning London Commercial Architecture Outdoor

Shade Sails

Great fixed shade solutions due to their flexible nature

Waterproof Custom Structures

Endless design possibilities

Retractable Rolling Sail (four pole structure)

Elegant, light and airy

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