Commercial Internal Blind Systems

Quality, everyday roller blind systems that match our quality construction objectives with price affordability

An innovative, modern and functional

outdoor patio solution

Designer Shade Solutions’ Internal Roller Blind collection provides a high-quality, daily roller blind system that meets our quality building goals while being affordable.

Our Roller Blind Systems integrate several sophisticated characteristics, such as spring assist functioning, easy installation, and a variety of accessories, by utilising new generation hardware systems.

Our Commercial Internal Blind Systems are appropriate for both commercial and domestic use and are part of our retractable roofs Sydney collection.

The systems can use a mixture of any of the industry’s best Roller Blind Textiles for ultimate privacy, such as blockout, screen, fire certified, and metal-backed fabrics or a transparent or semi-transparent fabric to allow visibility through.

Combining our innovative fabrics with our solar control systems can significantly increase a building’s energy effectiveness as well as its occupants’ working and living comfort.

Commercial Retractable Motorised Roof Pergola Awning London Commercial Architecture Outdoor

Commercial Internal Blinds – Premium

Quality, simple, commercially viable roller blind system

Custom Internal Blind Systems

A quality, commercially viable special shaped and tension roller blind

Custom Internal Skylight Systems

Each system is designed to meet your project design needs

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